Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Non-Fiction Fun!

This week has been our kick-off to two new units all about non-fiction. For the next month or so we are going to be focusing on becoming non-fiction authors as well as learning more about how to be great non-fiction readers! Today we learned a song to help us remember the difference between fiction and non-fiction. It is a bit catchy, but it was a hit amongst the kiddos. Here is the link Fiction vs. Non-Fiction
Not only have we been discussing the difference between these two types of texts, but we have been beginning to look more closely at the different features of non-fiction in a variety of books. They have been so engaged and interested in searching for headings, captions, labels, and diagrams. While not all of these features can be found in every book, they are really beginning to understand the importance and role that each one has in a book.
In writing we will be starting to write "All About" books where they are the experts of a topic and write all that they know about it. So far it has been in discussion form to begin developing the understanding that they are experts in something. It has been great fun to hear them confidently share with the group "I am an expert with scooter jumps!" or "Riding a tractor by myself!" or "I know a lot about cats!" What fun it will be to read these expert books--I will be learning a lot!

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