Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just Right Reading

It has been an exciting week in Readers' Workshop! We have started talking more about "just right" books and have used texts like this one above to help us understand what that phrase means. In this book we learned about the Bear Family who loves books and Goldie Socks who is in search of the "just right" book that is not too hard and not too easy. The main character, Goldie, also retaught us the Five Finger Rule that we use here at Allen Brook to help tell us what is a too hard book. The kiddos picked up on the rule quickly and used it immediately. During reading today I looked around the room and saw fingers going up for every time they got stuck on a word on the first page. If five fingers went up, they tried another book. The students are now keeping a collection of just right books in their reading bins (a cheer echoed around the room when I shared that we would be starting to use those) and next we will be starting to stretch our stamina! Stay tuned for an update of how many minutes we are reading!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Writers' Workshop

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We began Writers' Workshop this week! The students have taken the first steps in starting to practice act, and think like authors. Our two mini-lessons so far have been on how to pick a topic and what writers do when they think they are done. We learned today that when a writer thinks they are done they can, add to the words, add to the illustration, or start a new piece. A motto that we will be adopting in this room is, "when writers think they are done, they have really just begun".
It was exciting to see how focused and interested they were and I so enjoyed hearing their stories and helping them get their ideas down on paper. Some of the best moments I noticed was when they were sitting thinking of an idea. I did not hear a single complaint about getting started, but rather saw them thinking and puzzling through what they were going to write about that day. I was so impressed at how well all the students did getting to work and sticking with it. The room was quiet except for the scratching of pencils and the whispers of sounding out words and in a first grade classroom, that is saying something!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reading and Math fun!

We have continued having a ton of fun together! Enjoy this slideshow of us exploring with books and math tools.
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